Why Us

Why Choose us?

Colordemy was created in 2021 in Australia and is fully optimised for the best user experience. This includes; better paint, eco-friendly prints and more!


What is included?

In the package, you will find a rolled canvas. You will also get three different brushes; two fine and one flat. Paint is also included. 



Colordemy uses dry and more quality paint that is vibrant, smooth and viscous. This means that it would not be too runny or it is too thin. We optimise our paint so that it is in best quality. Normally, paint by numbers companies use 3ml (0.1 oz) whereas Colordemy uses 7ml (0.23 oz) to ensure you have enough paint to finish your painting without trouble.



Colordemy’s print is eco solvent, meaning it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients and is biodegradable. Eco solvent prints also smell less, making them more comfortable to use.


Colordemy uses rolled canvases, which means they do not get wrinkled or creased. Other paint by numbers sellers often fold and crease their canvas, whereas Colordemy uses rolled canvases to prevent that.



Colordemy is delivered from Australia, and is shipped to Australia, Europe, UK and US.  It takes 3-5 business days to ship to Australian metros, up to 8 to ship to rural areas in Australia, up to 12 business days to the US and up to 15 days to ship to Europe and UK.


Licensed Designs

Colordemy’s canvases are always licensed to show our proud ownership of Colordemy. You would not find our quality paint by numbers in any other store, so if you want to experience our quality, try our products!