About us

We are a Sydney based art studio who believe that everyone can be an artist regardless of their age, background, gender, or skill. Making art regularly offers so many benefits including: stress relief, mental health recovery, increased confidence, and self-consciousness building.

At Colordemy, we understand that there are many challenges when it comes to making art as an adult. The fear of criticism, having other priorities in life, lacking skills or motivation, and constant distractions can make it very difficult to even start.

That is why we have created DIY Painting kits. These kits provide all the tools you need so you don’t have to look for them separately. They give you inspiration, help you to overcome your initial fears, and motivate you to get it done. The kits give you comfort that you are not alone when making art.

We know everyone is different so it depends on who ‘you are’ as to what will spark your interest. There is always something special that will inspire your inner artist. If we don’t already have something that is ‘just right’ for you, please just drop us a message, and we will make the perfect kit specifically tailored to your needs.



The kits will provide you with everything needed to create amazing artworks to add a touch of life to your home. Our kits will offer you many things you wouldn't want to miss: fun, inspiring, decorative, and stress relieving.


We only invite most talented artists in the world, genetical painters and also instructors to crank out original designs and pack into the kits, ensure a high-quality painting experience for everyone regardless of your prior painting skills.


Now go ahead and search for your next canvas among our unique and licensed designs.